Welcome to the Office of School of Medicine (SOM) High School & Undergraduate Internship Programs!

The JHM Office of Strategic Workforce Development will provide JHM access processing support for current Secondary or Post-Secondary students engaged in an academic internships sponsored by a SOM department and an outside High School or Undergraduate educational institution (non-Hopkins).

This office does not support shadowing experience or observers. Also please note that internship duties that mirror responsibility for which we hire casual employees in the SOM to perform, should be processed by the SOM human resource as casual employees. Additionally, this service does not support housing, parking, payroll, equipment, and department specific assess requirements the intern may need to fulfill the academic internship duties and requirements.

The services of this office includes the High School and Undergraduate Internship programs partnering with the Office of Diversity Inclusion and Health Equity (DIHE) Pathway programs that are providing an academic internship experience.  For details on how to become a SOM DIHE Pathway program, please visit the DIHE website.

For our office to process interns, the internship program must require the student have a JHED ID for their academics so they can conduct the SOM academic work outlined by the program. Internship duration should be a minimum of 2 months.  

Fall 2023 program registration is now open. Deadline for registration is September 30th, 2023

Use the button below to answer the prequalifying questions and check if your program meets our qualifications: Prequalifying Questions
If you have already answered the prequalifying questions and your program meets the qualifications, continue registering your program, mentor, and students: Continuing Registering Here

You will need your JHED ID to access the registration page. If you are a non-Johns Hopkins employee, please contact your Johns Hopkins representative for the next step.

For more information, please email CommunityEducation@jhmi.edu